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TRAINING Startsafe will provide your company all the necessary means and resources for a healthy and safe working environment. Worker training is the key element in achieving company objectives in a safe and effective manner. Workers must be thoroughly trained, so they have the knowledge and skill base to work in a healthy and safe manner.
Safety Management Occupational illness or injury impacts the quality of life for each of us. It is therefore important that an effective health and safety program is developed, implemented and maintained, having complete support from owners, management, and full cooperation of employees. In doing so, the work environment will be a safe and healthful one, a place where employees can work without the fear of harm or injury.

Safety FIRST!

Startsafe is committed to achieving excellence in the health and safety of your workers, by providing exceptional health and safety education and consulting.


Welcome to STARTSAFE

Proudly serving Kingston and surrounding areas since 2008, Startsafe is locally owned and operated. We provide consulting and training services for employers across a wide range of industries, specializing in construction.

Our primary focus at Startsafe is to keep employees safe by ensuring the health and safety programs of employers comply with all government regulations, and meet industry safety standards through a combination of consulting and training.

It is our goal to assist companies in fostering a work environment that promotes health and safety awareness.  This ensures that the health and safety program of a company is consistently growing and adapting to changing environments and conditions.

Our mission in the end is to have companies practice due diligence to prevent injuries and incidents from occurring in their workplaces, aligning their policies with Startsafe's motto;



Safety Training Courses

Our training programs demonstrate real life situations and effective methods of hazard control. This will help to ensure that participants comply with Regulations by having a full understanding of how to implement the practical information attained in their training.

  • Working At Heights


  • Asbestos Awareness

  • Confined Space Awareness

  • Workplace Violence & Harassment

  • First Aid

  • Respirator Fit Testing

  • Asbestos Abatement - Worker

  • Worker Safety Awareness

  • Young & New Worker Awareness

Working At Heights Training
Safety Management

Ministry Approved Working At Heights Training Provider

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